Thursday, February 5, 2015

A hot bowl of mami, cupcakes, and the cold old man

It was a cold, rainy Monday night, hungry and starving for something hot to ease the chilling. Instead of heading home, I went to a restaurant at Infanta Commercial Center to feed. As I parked my motorcycle, I noticed an old man sitting on the left stair of the market building. He’s holding some plastic bags and I could not see his face because it’s dark and he’s looking downward. I walked towards the vacant table and seated comfortably. I called the waiter and ordered for a beef mami.

While I was waiting for my order, I saw a man on my back almost done with his meal. He didn’t finish his food, paid his bill and left. When I look back to his table, I saw this old man eating his leftover and then moved back afterwards to his place on the stairs.

The waiter placed my order on the table. While stirring the soup, the scene of that old man haunted my chilling soul, and before I could take my first sip, I decided to order another bowl of beef mami for that old man. I told the waiter to ask the old man have a seat in the table to have that hot soup. The old man suddenly gets up and seated on the table. He instantly had his first and second sip notwithstanding the hot soup and before he could have another sip a young man came with cupcakes on hand for that old man. The young man throw a glance on me and smiled maybe trying to tell me the good deed we both had. The old man just continued with his hot beef mami, maybe wanted to finish it hot and never dared to take a look on us. He finished a bowl of mami without taking a single bite of cupcake and put it on his bag instead. The old man went back again on the stairs. As I left the place, I know he was whispering something good for me. Then I realized that in this fast-moving world, where greed and war is getting worst, a lot more of people with genuine hearts exist.

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